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Hire us for blogging, website content, online profiles, sales copy, and much more.

Professional Online Content

We have a great staff of writers, graphic designers and an in-house editor to review all our work for accuracy and excellence. When you post our content online, you can be sure it’s high-quality content that reflects well on you!

Services Offered

We have lots of experience in making sure you’re communicating exactly what you want to say.

  • Blog creation
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Memoirs
  • Website copy
  • Email
  • eBooks
  • Promotional guides

Your satisfaction is guaranteed because we work closely with you throughout the process and charge reasonable prices for our services.

Social Media Consulting Also Available


We partner with a professional social media consulting company to offer you a complete content marketing package. Available upon request.

We’re Ready to Help Your Blog, Website, and More

The Hired Pen has 10+ years of experience and keeps up with the most current techniques for connecting with the public.


We can make your content as personable or as professional as you want.

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