6 Negative Relationship Habits That … Aren’t

EmilynWhen women are asked about their significant other, 9 times out of 10 the answer will be, “Oh he’s really amazing, but there is this one thing…” And isn’t there always a thing or two that just gets under your skin a bit every time your significant other does it?

Granted, some things are negative traits and should be seen as red flags to be resolved before furthering the relationship. But there are lots of traits that we see as negative that are actually on the positive side.

Are these 6 relationship traits actually all that bad? 


Everyone has a few bumps in the road as they are building a relationship. Ultimately you have  to agree on what is a deal breaker or not, but here are the top 6 things that people can see as negative that actually aren’t!

Not Needing Each Other

Everyone loves to feel needed, to feel like you are someone’s “everything”. But actually, this shouldn’t necessarily be the case. You both have your own lives. You should expect your special someone to be capable and willing to do things without a constant need for someone else. The more you are able to live your own life and make personal accomplishments, the more you’ll be able to bring to the table anyway.

Being Blatantly, or Painfully, Honest

It’s the old, “do these pants make me look fat” situation. The truth hurts sometimes, but trust me, you want your partner to have the courage to tell you that you should just find another pair of pants. Relationships are more than just making the other person feel good. Sometimes the ugly truth is necessary.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should go around hurting each other either. But find the balance between telling the truth, and discussing it together in full honesty. It will go so much further in the long run.

Not Responding Immediately

How many times do we get upset over waiting 20 minutes for a text back? You both have a million other things to do in the day, and you really can’t expect your partner to be at your every beck and call every second of the day.

You should definitely be prioritizing each other into the day, that’s for sure. But it’s not a minute by minute test. Be patient.


Leaving Arguments Unfinished

It’s not always necessary to lock the doors and drop everything until every argument is resolved. Some arguments are better left until a later moment. Being able to drop the discussion for a bit, leave the room to calm down, or sleep on it actually shows strength of character.

And besides, more often than not when you pick up the discussion again it ends up being a quick “I’m sorry” and you can both move on. We’re really not our best people in heated or angry moments.

Not Bringing Up Everything

It’s definitely helpful to know what bugs your partner, and it’s important to confront real issues together. But some things are better just left unsaid. If you’re always bringing up and nagging every little thing, you’re both just going to get tired of each other.

That said, this isn’t a suggestion to bottle things up and then explode about them all later, it’s a suggestions to learn how to deal and forgive. Think of these things as endearing rather than annoying.

Self love

Self love is actually not selfish at all. Self love shows that you are confident, and that you care enough about yourself to take care of your body, mind, and soul. How do you expect your partner to love you if they can’t even love themselves?


In Conclusion

As human beings, we’re really good at finding the negative in everything. Choose to see the positive in your partner, and you’ll find that there’s a lot more good in them than you ever imagined! Remembering these things, especially during an argument, will allow you to step back and reevaluate how important the argument really is to you. 


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