The Power of Spontaneity


What if I told you that you could pick yourself up right now, go outside and call yourself an uber? Right now, get in that car and choose to go almost anywhere you’ve been wanting to go? Right now… and actually go to that place of your dreams.

Would you do it?

Well if you answered yes, well then, what are you waiting for?

So, would you do it?

If you are now telling yourself no, OR telling yourself yes and still sitting here reading this, well then, WHAT are you waiting for?

Living in the moment could lead to some of the best moments in your life.

Maybe you’re thinking I sound crazy, but think again, because just maybe the only crazy one here is you.

Crazy, because the only reason there would be for you to not take the opportunity to do the very thing you’ve been wanting to do when it was offered to you, is because somewhere inside you, you believe it isn’t possible to be able to actually do that very thing.


What happened to spontaneity?

Spontaneity is a rare and dying trait among so many people in today’s world. After all, technology is taking over; making it so easy to disconnect or find what everyone else believes is the next best thing. We forget to connect with ourselves, and what we want.

It has become so easy to become stagnant. We can easily google a restaurant and immediately access everyone else’s ratings, comments, and reviews. But what about going for a drive to get lost in a new neighborhood only to find a hidden gem instead?

Spontaneity is needed for us to thrive. It gets our creative juices flowing and our minds imagining. Spontaneity takes us on adventures into the unknown. Everything from our outfits, to the hours in our days get sucked into planning and everything begins to become tightly structured. We’ve forgotten how unplanned, impromptu moments could be rewarding and expansive. Acting on intuitive thoughts or actions can lead to events that are memorable and life changing.


How do I live that way?

I understand that personality traits like introverts, extroverts, and over analysts would view this opinion from various different angles. I understand that planning ahead more often than not is responsible and reasonable. I’m not saying to live the spontaneous lifestyle day in and day out, but balance and moderation is essential to making life exciting.

You may have conditioned yourself to following such a plan that if you chose to practice spontaneity, it’s likely to feel uncomfortable when you don’t have that plan. Lack of spontaneity leads to staying in our comfort zones. Our comfort zones are where we become creatures of both good and bad habits. To have something different, you must be and do something different.

So what if you tried something different? Decided to take a day or moment with no plan?

By adapting to changing circumstances without prior expectations, spontaneity allows us to begin the reverse effect of being stuck in your comfort zone. Spontaneity leaves opportunity for never expecting or setting yourself up to be let down. If we never had the chance to build up expectations, often our experiences wind up surpassing our feelings of satisfaction. This mentality allows you to get lost in the flow of your visions; let yourself be pleasantly surprised by life.

How did I do it?


I always loved California. I dreamt of living there after my first trip when I was only twelve years old. While I had visited on several different occasions, I never really put my efforts into my vision on how I would be able to actually be living in California. It felt more like a distant dream than a potential reality. Any visits were the typical scheduled tourist attraction, and of course, I never ventured alone.

Four years ago I stumbled on an incredible airfare deal to California. Only one problem. There was only one seat left available on the flight. I remember running out into the kitchen and asking my mom, “Should I book it?”. She crookedly looked at me, shook her head implying no and said, “You’re crazy”. In that very same moment, I knew that not booking this trip wasn’t an option. I hardly ever traveled at all, much less travel solo. I quickly ran back into my room, booked the flight and felt a surge of excitement wash over me.

I came home from that trip, and for the first time in my life, I saw and believed that my dream of making California my home was attainable. Not simply because it was, but more-so because of how bad I wanted it and would let nothing stop me from making it a reality. And here I am, today, officially a California resident for three years soaking up the San Diego sun!

Here I have gotten to follow and develop my love of writing, broaden my love for humanitarian adventures within my community, and fall in love with my own Wonder Woman self. Had I not chosen to book the last seat on that flight, who knows if I ever would have made this dream a reality?


I could have still been waiting, dreaming of the what if’s and the coulda-shoulda-woulda’s.

The best things happen outside of the box, so be spontaneous. Be courageous. Take those risks. Life is out there to be lived; it is out there to give and receive love. And the most exciting moments of this life are the ones that we often least expected or planned for.



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