Releasing the Inner Child


I believe in the inner-child.

We all have one. That child is a deep, vital part of who you are. It’s the part of you who knows what it means to truly learn and explore this beautiful world we’ve all found ourselves in. It’s the part of you that has no fear of failure, the part of you that thrives off mistakes, and the part of you that sees no limits to what your imagination can do. 

When a baby is born, he is one of the purest, most innocent things on the planet. His lungs have tasted their first breath of life and his eyes have beheld their first traces of light. There is nothing that has touched or withered his crying, kicking little soul, save it be the rough, battle-laden hands that caught him as he slipped into the world.

There not being a trace of darkness to be found within his wide, baby-blue eyes, one can feel as though the child’s aimless gaze is boring into the very depths of her soul.


As he is carried through the many months of his infancy, the baby’s innocent gaze is often attracted to light – that same light he saw when he first lifted his clenched eyelids. Whether it be the glow itself or the silent presence of angels world-bound souls can no longer see, one can never know. But regardless, that wonder is there, within the child’s eyes, and it continues to give his heart life as he takes on the wonders of what growing up brings.

He learns to eat, he learns to crawl, he learns to stand, steadily taking grasp of the individual he is. He strengthens and develops his mind by touching, tasting, and playing, not a trace of restraint in his graceless actions. Those around him may restrict him, but his curiosity remains dauntless – fearless. Not a single drop of life’s terrors could deter him, not yet.

As the growing child takes his first steps in the sunlight, the great outdoors becomes a world of wonder for a growing child – in fact, for a child, it’s not a single world at all; it’s a plethora of worlds. It’s an endless expanse of material for his strengthening mind to grasp and transform in any way he wishes. Trees lining the backyard fence? They become a forest. A playground in the corner of the yard? It becomes a battleship. A pathway running down the hill? It becomes a river.

The trampoline becomes a treacherous prison, the pool becomes a vast ocean, the skies above become an imminent storm… The possibilities are endless in his mind. A child’s imagination is one of the most powerful things to be wielded in this world, if only because of just how limitless it truly is.

In these stages of a child’s life, his curiosity is the driving force of his life. His mind and heart are wide open, and he allows everything – everything – to be his teacher. He lets questions poor from his lips shamelessly, only because he doesn’t believe any question is imposing or stupid. When he comes across something new and he doesn’t know how to respond, he’ll take a chance, only because the thoughts of others hardly matter to him – this is his adventure, after all. He takes life head on, only because there’s no reason for him to fear it. He’s been free since the moment he tasted that first breath.

Then, with his wide-eyed curiosity and powerful imagination, his soul begins to ignite.

It begins to bleed from his fingers dipped in paint as he runs them across an empty canvas, it begins to shine from his eyes as he tries out a piano for the first time, it begins to soar from his heart as he puts a pen to paper all on his own. After all he’s thought, felt, tasted, smelled, and heard, the bursting little individual he is can no longer keep his fiery spirit within; he must create.

art-arts-and-crafts-child-159579 (1)

And create he does. With hands and a voice both as free as his mind, he expresses himself. He paints, he sings, he draws, he builds, he plays, he collects, he dances, he experiments with just about anything and everything he can think of. He adds to the world around him what only he is able to give. And he does it in just the same way he’s done everything else; fearlessly.

With the creativity giving his soul a whole new breath of life, he begins to discover who he is and who he wants to be – he begins to set his heart on fire.

And then life takes hold.

No one can remain within the innocent comfort of his backyard forever, not if the whirling world has anything to say about it. As the child grows old enough to walk the unknown alone, his soul’s depth just barely breaching the power he has within, he is guided into a different sort of river entirely; not the one he imagined within his backyard, but the one that society has carved deep into the grounds of what decades of societal evolvement have entitled “the flow.” Most commonly, though, and without a trace of remorse, it is vindictively referred to as “living.”

And so into the flow of “living” the child goes, whether he wishes it or not. Though, even as his head may be dunked under several times in his first current, he questions nothing, only because of how normal this piece of his life is slipped into his intricate way of existing.

He is enrolled into school, a large – and nearly dominating – part of what “living” means to society. Starting off, he isn’t slammed with the backwashing slander brought on by education; it is simply given to him, gradually, one step at a time, one grade advancement after the other. At first, he is handed the crayons, the building blocks, the instruments, and the paint and told to create; he is even praised and complimented for his work. But eventually, even the paper he once used to build paper airplanes is kept out of his reach as textbooks and assignments are shoved into his hands instead.

Of course, school isn’t a complete torrent of ineptitude. As he advances, he makes friends, several even people who become some of the most vital pieces of what and who he holds dear and deems as contributors to the person he grows to become. He learns to read, a skill that will keep him soaring for the rest of his life and even take him beyond the realms of what the world has declared reality. He realizes what it means to stand up for himself, an aspect that could make or break his endurance as life goes on, an ability that offers him the power to be courageous and bold. He learns to converse with those different from him, he learns to respect those who have captured his wide-eyed interest, he learns the cores of mental stimulation and development, and the list goes on.

But not all is redeemed by what is learned within the walls of education – particularly within the walls built by the system designed for the purpose of educating.

In basic terms, schools are run based on a sick sense of conformity, ingrained with the “reality” society believes should be believed by all.


We all live in a country granted the freedom of expression, and yet the individual is trampled underfoot when he steps foot into the halls of a school or even the doors of a new, unfulfilling job, and is walled in by the boundaries of control. The child who the young boy once was is left behind, and hard work and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual endurance take its place – and sometimes, heartbreakingly, several if not all of these areas are deprived, shifted, starved, overturned, bent, and even broken by not only the hardship of work and education, but also the survival of life.

A great number of individuals are lost to this torrent of change, deception, and mind-blowing growth. Some to the point they are laid back into the arms of the very angels they once could see during their beautiful infancy. That is a heartache that not even the strongest of hearts could ever bear alone.

But some, even with the continuous hardship and unthinkable heartache they endure, the only other possible outcomes for their lives other than complete loss are either the destruction of the individual they were born as… or the strengthening of the inner child they still bear within.

Yes, it’s true, that child – that little boy who roamed the limitless depths of his imagination and touched the very edge of his own power – was never left behind; he was never completely forgotten or destroyed. He lives on, buried deep within the young boy beneath the “reality” life has enforced upon him for far too long.

And now, at long last, after life and society have had their say, it becomes time for that inner child to be released; and what a beautiful occurrence that is.

The young boy who doodled in the margins of his schoolwork, the boy who gazed out every possible window he could, the boy whose imagination never quite let him be… he still has the ability to fly – no matter how damaged or broken his childhood wings may be, he still bears a power within himself that not even the darkest corners of society could ever fully shred to pieces.


It takes strength, but that’s no issue – the boy was born with it. The trick here and now is digging out and finding that buried, stirring inner child. It gets to the point where the boy is nearly feverish with desire.

And then the boy discovers something, something that gave the very child he is searching for true life, but was never fully acknowledged until he shut the door on society and focused on himself alone… Passion.

He finds passion deep inside himself, inside his heart. And the thrill of life that gives him… It’s a depth of living that he will never really understand how he once lived without.

And with that, he becomes. He becomes great, he becomes radiant, he becomes a flame that not even the deepest of seas could ever hope to put out. He is a master of passion and a believer of change. He rises from his mistakes and grows stronger without shame. He lets his imagination take flight and carry his heart to the inner, most beautiful nooks and corners of his battle-laden soul. He learns to let go of anything that drags him down, and in return, takes hold of what makes his eyes shine with light and what warms him from the inside-out.

Of course, at times, he stumbles, and thoughts and questions fill his mind that trigger doubt and perhaps even despair – but then that’s when he runs into the arms of those, however many, however few, of the people who believe in him, no matter how bent and broken he may be.

And he rises again; he believes again. And, as he stands and faces the reality that has often been so degrading and so cruel, he continues the journey he started back before life even had the chance to dunk his head into its drowning waters…

And he, with his burning passion and pulsing heart, changes the world.

Not everything can be shaken by the force of his angelic light; society still thrives, conformity still exists, pain, heartache, depression, tragedy, and the very tendrils of Hell still plague the world. But, even then, no matter what war of darkness may try to bring him down, it’s his light that lifts the heads of others who, without him, may never have turned around and tentatively took the hand of the lonely child they each also held within their powerful souls. And because of that, the reverberating fire the young boy – now a man – set to the world, will only continue to thrive until the end of time and into the depths of all eternity.

The child within… We all have one. You bear one as well, just as passionately and powerfully as the young boy; it’s the child you were born as.

It’s the child who knows what it means to truly learn and explore this beautiful world we’ve all found ourselves in. The child that has no fear of failure, the child who thrives off mistakes, and the child that sees no limits to what your imagination can do. This child is you…

And it’s time you released him; it’s time you released her.


Dear beautiful soul, it’s time you become who you were born to be. It’s time you burst through the surface of society and see it for what it truly is; a communal perspective, one which you needn’t take a part of anymore. It’s time you take your own education by the lapels and drive it in the direction you want it to go. It’s time you put your plaguing fears aside, bring your passion to life and set fire to your own world, the world that can become whatever you want it to be. It’s time you wield the forces of creativity and create what your soul longs to put forth. It’s time you embraced yourself as the powerful, angelic being you truly are and finally set yourself free.

Beautiful soul, it’s time you released your inner child and discover just what it means to truly be alive.

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